Client Reviews About Our Fly Fishing Trips

You can't beat the professionalism of Scott and the wonderful job he does getting his clients on fish. If you are new to the sport or just want a day on the water with a knowledgeable guide I would recommend contacting him to help you out.

-Pete Stolarski

I recently booked a guided steelhead trip with Scott Grassi, top notch guide with Keystone Anglers. Not only did he put us on some nice fish, he even took a plunge in extremely cold water netting what looked like a chrome bumper. He came out of the water, ringed his gear out and had me set up in no time then beat feet to net my pals beast. Alot of guides would've called it a day. Thanks for the superior service and just a GR8 experience all the way across the board. Thanks Grassi!


-Matthew Rogers

I have truly enjoyed my experiences with Keystone Anglers. Scott is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about fly fishing and the area's amazing fisheries. On a recent trip, Scott worked really hard to get me into my first ever Muskie. It was an awesome day on the water and I learned so much! I highly recommend Keystone Anglers!


-Carl Job

Thank you to Scott Grassi and Keystone Anglers Guide Service for the great day of fishing today. I had a blast!!!!

-Josh Shultz

Scott is incredibly patient, kind, and knowledgeable! It was my first time fishing for Great Lakes steelhead, and he had me onto some big fish fast! I’d only been fly fishing for 6 months. He took his time with me and gave me so many helpful hints and pointers. And when I finally landed that first big fish, he celebrated with me, cheering me on to the next one! Scott is not only the guide I’ll call whenever I’m in the area, he’s also become a great fishing buddy friend from across the miles!!


-Jan R.


OK, I've had my fair share of using guide services for fishing and I must say - this one is by FAR the best yet. I met with Scott G. for my very first stealhead fishing trip, we had a great day. Scott is the kind of person you bond with, he is professional, funny, efficient, knows where the fish are, knows how to make sure you catch them and give you the experience of a lifetime, you wish you could do every week... I'm definitely going back, highly recommended,

-Moti Tadmor

I had an amazing day fishing with Scott and was able to land my first musky. He is a great teacher. He clearly has vast experience and a wealth of information to share. I would highly recommend booking a trip with him.

-Chris Rihn

Scott at Keystone Anglers Guide Services is a true professional. From my first contact with him I knew he would provide a great experience and he did not disappoint. He went the “extra mile” and we have memories that will last a lifetime.

-Joesph Webber


Scott dialed up a perfect day for my first steelhead experience. I’ve had the pleasure of two trips now with him and look forward to many more. He is experienced, patient , knowledgeable, and fun. Excellent guide and now a friend!

-Mark Grissom

Scott is a phenomenal guide and all-around good dude! Not only did he put us on fish both days (even when the bite was tough) but he also improved our technique as anglers and understanding of Erie waters and steelhead. Definitely hit Scott up if you're looking for a great time fishing!

-Mike Berkel

Scott was an amazing guide and will go out of his way to put you on the fish! He is patient is patient and keeps it real and will teach you how to fly fish if you are new to the sport. Things dont always go according to plan on a trip (thats fishing for ya) but Scott will put in 100% effort to make sure you are satisfied. I have gone on two guided trips with him this year and hes managed to to put both my brother and I on our first steelhead! Ive only gone on steelhead trips with Scott but he does guide for different species (brown trout, muskie, etc...)

-Jimmy Liang

I have gone fishing with Scott Grassi of Keystone Anglers on two occasions. The first time we went trout fishing on Spring Creek. Based on that positive experience, I went steelhead fishing with Scott on the Erie tribs. Fishing with Scott is a private lesson in fly fishing. He gives 110 percent to make sure that his clients have a great experience. Scott knows his stuff and I can't say enough about the experience of fly fishing with him. We're going steelhead fishing again in Spring 2019!

-Rachel Dagovitz 

I will highly recommend keystone anglers guide service to anyone looking for the best fishing trip of their life. I've been on a couple trips with Scott already and this last one my daughter and I had the time of our lives. My daughter still to this day talks about catching steelhead with him and can't wait to go back. Thank you Scott Grassi for rekindling her love for fishing. Looking forward to our next trip together.

-Steve Foreman

Scott Grassi is a fantastic guide and an even better person. We booked him again for another trip in April of 2019. Scott was 100% focused on us catching fish. He has the knowledge and skill sets to get it done. I absolutely recommend him to anyone.

-Peter McMillen

I would highly recommed keystoneanglers guide service, I fished with Scott in December weather was very cold water conditions were tough slush and large chunks of ice. Along with me trying to fly fish for steelhead for the first time could of been frustrating for Scott but he never showed it. He showed me a lot and didn’t get upset when I missed a few fish, and was really excited when I finally landed a great buck steal head. Can’t wait to go back!

-Eugene Taylor